NSE main strength is based on the wide experience of its key personnel, its technicians and consultants, NSE is able to develop or coordinate multidisciplinary projects for the governmental and private sectors, including concessionaires and construction companies, on several large scale enterprises, including those held in Portugal in the last three decades, in the following areas:
NSE – Consultores de Engenharia, Lda, is a Civil Engineering firm specialized in Structural Engineering and provides services mainly directed to Contractors, Concessionaires and Governmental Agencies in Bridge Design, Special Structures and Underground Structures, producing high quality, innovative and cost-effective solutions. NSE is strongly motivated to work in multidisciplinary and large-scale projects, engaging from an early stage in the architectural and design processes, and providing additional specialized studies, supported by a team of specialist consultants in geology, geotechnical and all other areas of engineering and architecture, particularly in design-build environments, aiming for precise, technically integrated solutions with focus on simplicity and reducing time and cost of construction. NSE also provides Project Management and Coordination, Project Revision and Independent Check for Contractors, delivering state-of-the-art services.